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Information on cookies

This information concerns "cookies" and refers to B2B Orbico Sp. z o.o. system (hereinafter a Shop).

What are "cookies"?

(Source: http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ciasteczko)

Cookies – small text pieces of information, sent by a www server and recorded by the user (usually on a hard drive). Default settings of the cookies allow the information included by them to be read only by the server which created them. Cookies are mostly used in the case of counters, polls, online shops, websites requiring logging in, adverts and to monitor the activity of visitors.



Types of “cookies” used in the Shop

Persistent Cookies – these are Cookies installed in the user’s browser permanently until they are manually removed by the user (Cookies are also removed during system reinstalling). Cookies are used by our shop to ensure the system works properly and to provide modern and convenient tools for our clients – e.g. to record clipboard and basket content, as well as information that the client is logged, etc.


Cookies of external entities



Removing „cookies"

All modern internet browsers make it possible to block and delete Cookies. It is well documented on the sites of browser producers. Due to that, find below pasted links to websites with technical documentation of the most modern browsers: